Hotshot Trucking Services in Minneapolis

Dan Wieting Trucking is a leading provider of hotshot trucking services in Minneapolis. We deliver time-sensitive freights securely with lightning-fast speed, allowing you to reduce on-site downtime when it counts the most.

Regardless of your time frame, you can count on Dan Wieting Trucking to get your merchandise delivered. With a refined dispatch system and a matchless roster of truck drivers, we can hand off your parcel to the intended consignee no matter how stringent the timeline may be.

Our hotshot trucking services are helpful for quick deliveries and deliveries that cross state lines.

Contact our staff at (612) 810-9364 to request a no-obligation quote of our services. Reach us at (612) 810-9364.

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Hotshot Trucking Company

When you need smaller, lighter loads delivered on-site in a hurry, it doesn’t make sense to pay a premium for a heavy-duty truck to do the job. That’s why our company offers hotshot freight services. Take advantage of a shipment service that has all the security of a heavy-duty shipping company at a fraction of the price.

We have several drivers with varying trailer types on standby that are ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice. Fully licensed and insured, our drivers are careful to stay compliant with weight regulations and complete routine logs of their activity for insurance purposes.

We provide hotshot trucking services for companies in a broad array of industries. We frequently deliver light- to medium-sized goods and products to:

  • Oil refineries
  • Pipeline construction sites
  • Drilling sites
  • Agricultural sites
  • And more

When it comes to hotshot trucking, Dan Wieting Trucking is truly Minneapolis’s best. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction rate, and we look forward to impressing you so much that you never call another trucking company.

Just call today with your inquiry, and we will help devise a plan that gets your time-sensitive delivery where it needs to be, right on time.

Efficient Hotshot Dispatch

In keeping with being Minneapolis’s most highly sought-after trucking company,  we also need to have the most efficient dispatch system. Dispatch is the process of having an operator communicate our clients’ needs to the truckers and setting the delivery on course.

After mere moments of speaking with one of our helpful representatives, you will see that you are in the right hands. Beyond providing you with an accurate quote, we will give you detailed hotshot trucking options so you can decide on what’s best for your needs.

Having efficient dispatch is as critical to our operation as having great drivers. Look no further than our team if you are looking for a well-rounded trucking company that can offer smooth customer service and dependable parcel delivery.

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Time-Sensitive Deliveries

Our clients commend our drivers for their continual commitment to time-sensitive deliveries. At Dan Wieting Trucking, we recognize that you can’t afford to shut down productivity on your worksite. When you’re missing a piece of equipment, time is of the essence to keep your work advancing on schedule and budget. That’s where we come in.  Since we have a large number of qualified drivers on staff, we always have someone at the ready. An immediate dispatch means a faster delivery, which means less downtime for you.

Feel free to contact us for those short-notice deliveries as well. We can get the job done as long as the request is within reason.

There are many ways we can accommodate your delivery, it all depends on the size of the parcel you need to be delivered and the trucks and trailers we have available for you at the time of the request. Depending on what you need, we can fit your delivery on a car with space for hire, or we will send out a specialized truck and trailer to you to get the job done.

If you are curious about how we can help you and require hotshot services, the best thing you can do is call our team. We look forward to impressing you with our services.

No-Obligation Quotes on Hotshot Trucking

The moment you give us a call, we’ll gather all the information we need to complete a safe, speedy delivery, such as the weight and dimension of your load, as well as its pick-up and drop-off points. Using our advanced in-house software, we’ll input this information to calculate an accurate quote of the job on the spot. You’ll know precisely what your final invoice will look like before we give our driver the green light.

With Dan Wieting Trucking, you will never be roped into sneaky contracts or hidden fees either. When you call us, there is no obligation to use our services. We are confident enough in our capability and our price point that you will choose to use our services on your own accord.

Get an instant, accurate quote on hotshot trucking services today.

Protect Your Goods with a Diligent Hotshot Company

In this niche industry, speed is critical. However, unlike some companies, we refuse to compromise safety for the sake of speed. To this end, you can rest assured that all our drivers are registered and 100% insured in the event of an accident. What’s more, we’re well-versed in all the legalities of hotshot trucking. We make sure all our loads are secured in compliant fashion with high-strength straps, chains, tie-downs, and pads for optimal security on the road.

Every load that we deliver is triple-checked for security. There is virtually no risk of parcel damage when you work with us because, with drivers as diligent as our own, there is never a safety protocol overlooked or a procedural step missed. What’s more, we are insured for liability in the rare case where something is damaged. However, it is only in the rarest of occasions where we must use our insurance. Even when we are dealing with time-sensitive loads, the safety of your delivery takes priority because there is no use rushing to deliver a package on time if it is going to show up damaged.

To speak with a trucking agency that understands the value of your merchandise, get in touch with our team. There is no one better in Minneapolis or the surrounding area you can speak with.

Contact the Local Hotshot Company of Choice in Minneapolis

We’re a local hotshot company that can deliver light- to medium-size loads virtually anywhere you need us to take them. We boast lightning-fast dispatch times, unparalleled road safety, and great rates.

Get your freight delivered on-site quickly, reliably, and securely. Give us a call to request a no-obligation quote for our services.

Why settle for a second-rate freight company when you can work with the best? Give us a call today and discover the many ways that we can improve your business.